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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
9:44 am

she ate my pancakes. T^T there were 4, and she ate them all, knowing there are 2 of us at home. her reasoning: i didn't think that you'd wake up for breakfast. WTF. ARE YOU SERIOUS. THAT'S BECAUSE YOU ONLY THINK ABOUT YOURSELF, YOU ASSHOLE.

current mood: angry

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Friday, August 15th, 2008
6:16 pm
Singapore's Women's Table Tennis Team just made it into the finals! Yay! :D

current mood: hyper

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Sunday, July 27th, 2008
12:32 am - BIRTHDAYS!!!
July 26th:




July 27th:


Well, that's a lot of people to know to be born on the same day. lol

current mood: jubilant

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
4:20 pm - meme
because i feel like it today.Collapse )

current mood: okay

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2008
10:00 pm - rewarding myself with 2 days for slacking
death note ranking meme (ganked from a link on the website which is linked by sharon's latest entry about her reborn ranking meme)

Place Name
1 L Lawliet
2 Ryuk
3 Yagami Light
3 Rem
3 Watari
3 Mido Shingo
7 Aizawa Shuichi
7 Mello
7 Matt
7 Shimura Suguru
11 Mogi Kanzo
12 Amane Misa
12 Mikami Teru
12 Takada Kiyomi
12 Jealous
12 Shidou
12 Yagami Soichiro
12 Ukita Hirokazu
12 Near
12 Halle Lidner
12 Stephen Loud
12 Commander Rester
12 Jack Neylon
12 Higuchi Kyosuke
12 Kida Masahiko
12 Ooi Takeshi
12 Hatori Arayoshi
12 Raye Penber
29 Matsuda Touta
29 Ide Hideki
29 Namikawa Reiji
32 Takahashi Eiichi
32 Yagami Sachiko
32 Yagami Sayu
32 Misora Naomi

ryuk is ranked higher than raito. lol. XD

current mood: chipper

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Sunday, March 9th, 2008
11:14 pm - FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!!!
for the first time in my life, i've actually finished studying TWICE for an exam before the clock strikes 12! i'm so proud of myself! :D *gives multiple pats on own shoulder* i'm doing this for you, Dr Niru!! you're the cutest teacher ever! and really one of the best mentors i've ever had in my life!! kudos to you! (look at how many exclamation marks you made me use!) so you'd better set us an easy paper. :P

time for bed. i love anat ♥!!

current mood: accomplished

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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007
10:42 pm - arsenal vs manu: 2 - 2
...i swear i was THAT close to having a heart attack watching the last minute of the game. @__@

GOD. that was tiring. but damn did it feel good watching arsenal play again! (first game since uh.. world cup, perhaps?) even after all the player shuffles (henry! noes. D:) one word to describe how i'm feeling now: 爽! XD


current mood: ecstatic

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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
7:18 pm - ...jishin?
OH MY GOD. i just felt the building shake. O__O

current mood: O__O

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Thursday, August 9th, 2007
3:21 am - guess who's back?


hya!! tsukareta~~~~ had to drag 3 huge bags around all day long! but now i'm finally back in singapore! kya!! it's been so long! i miss japan already!! T^T kanarazu, mata nihon ni ikoo yo! mata ne! ^___^

too tired to write a long post. will update later! for the time being, i'm glad to be back! :D

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
5:57 pm - ato mikka...
then i'll be leaving aiu!! T^T kaeritakunai!! zen zen!! :'( kanashii..

anyway. the main purpose of this post:

HAPPY GLAY DAY 2007!!!! :D

7/31 wa gurei no hi desu yo~ X3

mou 19 sai ni nattan da ne, watashi yori wakai.. ._.|||

tonikaku, kyou isshoni tanoshiku shiyou! kokokara mo yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu!

current mood: happy

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Thursday, July 26th, 2007
9:15 pm - ハロー!!
昨日、授業でベンさんは「変な夢」を言いましたので、すごく感動しました!! ;0;

current mood: 僕はあほ

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Sunday, July 22nd, 2007
10:47 pm - HISASHIburi!!!!
dear lj,

today, i butchered 100 man kai no kiss. moushiwakearimasendeshita. m(_ _)m but karaoke was hella fun! XD we sang konayuki, complicated and flavour of life amongst many other songs. yappari, glay no uta wa, teru-san dake utaerunda naa! :) gurei ga suki de yokatta. ^_____^


current mood: chipper

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Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
9:07 pm - Kabuki
went for a kabuki play last night at akita city. atarashii keiken desu ne~ chotto hen na nihongo desu ga, sukoshi tsumaranakatta kedo, omoshirokatta. ^__^;; zenzen wakarimasen deshita. -__-;;

there were 3 stories in total.

the first one seemed to be about a guy preparing to go for trip. basically he was just doing the infamous kabuki stomping dance around the stage for 30 mins. i like the stomping dance though. :)

the next one goes like this (from what we could get which is probably far from the actual thing): evil man plots with evil man 2. girl (who was played by a man so you can imagine his voice) overhears their secret. evil man employs an assassin to kill girl. assassin happens to be girl's brother. brother: i have a favour to ask of you. sister: what do you want? bro: i want.. sis: what do you want? bro: i want.. sis: what do you want? bro: I WANT YOUR LIFE!!! girl: !!! *screams as his katana comes down on her* but brother couldn't bring himself to kill girl. bro confesses that someone ordered him to kill her and that person turned out to be her lover!! DUN DUN DUN!! *5 secs of silence* girl starts wailing which totally disintegrated my eardrums. (please keep in mind that this was a man who was playing a woman who was crying for her life) this goes on for almost 5 minutes (it seemed really long) then their dad appears and kills the guy. story ends! hooray!

the last story was the one i liked the most. :) it's a simple story about these 2 people fighting for possession over this katana. then they brought the case over to a magistrate (who was wearing some seriously ridiculously long pants which i had no idea what it was for until the end), and they had to do all sorts of things to prove that they're the actual owner of the sword. LOVED THE STOMPING DANCE IN THIS ONE! ♥ cos the faker was always slower than the actual owner by a beat and it was timed really nicely to fit the music. :) plus it was really funny! and the name of the sword was masamune~ lol! so in the end, they found out who the faker was and was about to put him behind bars. but he struggled out of their grasp, picked up the sword and ran away. the magistrate was going to chase after him but his subordinate was stepping on his super long train and they both tripped and fell. ...okay that sounded really cheesy but it was really funny when they had it acted out! :P i love it that everyone was cheering for the faker when he was getting away cos he was the funnier and more interesting one. XDD

so that was kabuki. ^___^ on our way back to akita train station, we sang bleach songs. it was fun. XD and we were looking for a place to have our dinner and we asked this man about this restaurant he just came out from. he was like, go here! it's good and the cheapest in this area! then we saw that it was a sake place. then we asked if there were any hamburger outlets around. and he went, yeah! there is! =forgot it's name= (he didn't actually say that, that was me) it's just there! *points* :D :D :D hahha. he's super friendly and helpful! his girlfriend must have been laughing at us gaijins though. XD;; anyway. just wanted to remember him! :D

p.s. just opened my bag of nori flavoured chips from aeon. it's quite nice. a bit bland, but the taste is still there. khairun said it tastes like unsalted lays. heh. even the chips here are healthy! i'm gonna get me some more~~ ;D and chocolate too! and how i love the strawberry pocky and hollow pretzel sticks with chocolate filled lumen! *drools*


current mood: optimistic

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Sunday, July 8th, 2007
5:46 pm - ryokou #2
went for another field trip today! :D this time we went to kakunodate and lake tazawa~

kakunodate was an old samurai town. they call it little kyoto. :) it's full of beautiful houses with beautiful gardens and beautiful maple trees!

first house we visited was a place which made shouyu and miso paste. the lady who owns the place was very genki and hospitable and she doesn't look her age AT ALL. everyone was shocked when she told us how old she was: she's 71 years old! uso! majide!?!?

after having tea and miso, we took a little trip around samurai town. saw many pretty little houses. so quaint and peaceful! me likes~

had cold noodles for lunch. UMAI!!! CHO UMAI!!! ♥♥♥ watashi wa suki!! but seems as if everyone else didn't like it. :( we also had an impromptu noodles slurping lesson from makiko-san who's an expert at the craft. nobody else at our table could do it. ._.

photos of samurai gear and real kanatas! saikou! too bad we couldn't pose with one. :P

next stop was tazawako, yet another place with really beautiful scenery! it's the largest and deepest lake in japan! kakkoii ne~~ :3 and the water is so clean and clear (sk2?)! you can see fishes swimming in it! :D bought some soft cream. i love the ice cream here! oishii! but i walked into a swarm of tiny flying insects without knowing it, and after that, i discovered that my ice cream had holes in it. D:!!! gah. ate it anyway. thank goodness i didn't find any of those flying things in it, it was natural afterall. phew.

tsugi wa shouyu sofuto kuriimu! there was this supermart out in the middle of nowhere selling soy sauce and miso products (yeah they really like those) and one of the counters sold shouyu soft cream! was a bit doubtful of getting it at the beginning, i mean, it's soy sauce ice cream! it sounds pretty gross. but after a tiny spoonful from one of the kind japanese student helpers (namae o wasuretanda!! DX) i was HOOKED. OISHII!!! chotto hen dakedo, TOTEMO OISHII DESU YO!!! X3 X3 sano sensei and i both loved it~~

then sensei and jessica and i went across the road to this shop which sold things made out of sakura tree bark. sugoi yo! they also sold ancient japanese coins from hewa, meiji era. the meiji one was pretty cool, but it was 300yen! so i decided not to get it in the end. :/ the shop owner was nice though, she gave us each a handmade uchiwa! :D

that's it for today! benkyou-ed for 45 mins and i'm already tsukareta. gotta go bathe now. watching kabuki at a theatre tomorrow evening! ooh!! omoshirosou!! o tanoshimi ni! :) ja ne bai bai!

current mood: tired

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Saturday, July 7th, 2007
10:34 pm - くやしい!!!!!! D: D: D:
今 JIROさんのBUGGY CRASH NIGHTのラジオ番組があるんだ。。。でも、私は聞こえない!!! どうして?!?! チャンネルが見つけられないって言った。。。なぜ?! ああぁぁ!!!! うそぉぉぉ!!!! 悔しい!!!! >___<"""" PEERCASTが大嫌い!!!


current mood: aggravated

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12:31 pm - tanabata festival~
yesterday was tanabata day! we went to a total of 2 celebrations! :D

first stop was the tanabata festival at sakura centre. it's kind of like a daycare centre for children. so they'll go there after school, do their work and stuff and their parents will pick them up from there after work. sort of like hwa ling. :) the centre is in a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood with nice grass and nice flowers. :D

when we first entered the hall, the children came rushing to us with their autograph books and markers in hand and asked for our autographs! bikkurishita! we were all quite surprised and amused but went ahead and signed away! i'll bet we'll make pretty good rockstars after such gruelling practice. 8D

some of the programmes that they planned were really cute! we had 'cai1 deng1 mi2' (eg. "2.3" = ni-san! XDDD), singalong sessions and the kids put up a dance for us! with clappers!! how cool's that? and they can dance really well! especially this little boy who happened to be right in front of me. XDD he's so cute!! i want to take him back damn it! XDD got his signature though (yes, i'm easily influenced. the autograph frenzy rubbed off on me ._.), he's called takahashi natsumi. kawaii~~ ^0^ i have a picture with him! will let you see later. ^___^

next up is the tanabata festival at AIU! and my first ever experience of wearing a yukata by myself! it was NOT FUN. thank god for jessica! who helped me with the obi otherwise i probably would have spent the rest of the night trying to figure it out. :P

anyway. on to the partay~ tanabata festival at AIU auditorium! the performances were A+! super impressed! i mean, where can you get good school concerts. the school is so small yet a lot of people are so talented! there were brass bands, a lot of dances, singing, japanese dance, and some kind of prom queen and king thing. except that i can't get good pictures of the performances cos my picture taking skills stink, and i was at the back and i'm short, and the performers were moving around a lot. :/

the highlights of the night for me were the brass band (they played in suits! kakkoi! XDD), hiphop dancers (love their dance! but my camera had to run out of memory space at exactly that time so i couldn't capture their performance!! kuyashii!!!) and the singing. there was a group of 5 who sang kubokuro and ayaka's winding road!! omg SUGOI!! super nice song!! and they sang it so well it sounded just like the real thing! there was a girl who sang utada hikaru's flavour of life too! and to be honest, i think she sang it better than utada did in music station. :x

didn't take too many photos cos my camera ran out of memory space. zannen da!! what a pity! :( but this morning zelda came over and tried to use her sd card reader to read my memory card and it WORKS!!! i was so relieved!! le yay! now i don't have to worry about deleting photos in the camera~ can take as many as i like! :DDD

yup! so! kinou wa tsukaremashita kedo, totemo tanoshikatta. ^__^ kesa kyuu, jyuu jikan nemashita. kimochii~~~ XDD

current mood: refreshed

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Monday, July 2nd, 2007
2:44 pm - OUHP!!!! YEY!!!!
hai! that's what we had to shout every time we wielded the jodo stick. :) just finished jodo class. omoshirokatta desu! very interesting! even though we were just sliding back and forth across the floor it's actually quite a work out! i like learning the techniques; honte-uchi toka, gyakute-uchi toka, kaeshi-zuki toka, gyakute-zuki toka, zenbu omoshirokatta (pardon my limited vocab). :DDD yay! now that i've learnt jodo, just throw me a stick and i'll be able to kick some serious butt! woohoo!!

that's all for today! got lots of shukudai to finish. taihen desu!! #__# mata ne!

*zusshi bow* OSSU!! >:O

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Sunday, July 1st, 2007
10:30 pm - 遠出する!!
today was excursion day~ ^__^ tsukaremashitashi, mijikai shoukai o kakeru.

#1: kampu san

went to kampu san early this morning! the bus did the climbing of course. heh. chotto ame deshita ga, totemo kirei datta! it was friggin cold too! but the scenery was indescribable. really really beautiful doesn't even do it justice. you can see the bay from all the way up here! kirei!!

#2: namahage-kan

LOL. that's how i'd describe this place. hahaha. namahage is this bakemono that's similar to what the chinese call 年. you know, that monster which creeps into houses the day before new year's day to eat bad children (???), yeah, it's something like that. only it doesn't creep, it barges into people's houses, stomps around the place, then sits down and has a nice chat with the owner over some tea. XDD there was a live performance of sorts about them. damn funny! scared the hell out of some of the girls when they entered. then they started discussing with the ojisan about his family, how the kids have good grades but watch too much tv, and his okusan singing karaoke. lol! back at the museum, i tried out the namahage outfit! full gear, with the chopper and all! hahaha! damn did i look scary! XD totemo tanoshikatta!! :DD

#3: nyudozaki

OMG THIS HAS GOT TO BE MY FAVOURITEST DESTINATION TODAY! this place is absolutely stunning! it's a grassy cliff area that on the northern tip of the akita peninsula and overlooks, well, duh, the sea. ^__^;;; the flowers are nice, the grass is nice, the birds are HUGE, the wind is nice, the view is super nice can!! made me feel the urge to sing: [やわらかな風が吹く この場所で~~~~~] ^____^ the school kindly packed us onigiri for lunch, which was quite yummy! khairun got the ameboshi one which she said was too sour. mine was salmon! lucky~! and we just sat down on the grass and had our lunch while admiring the nice view. it's such a happifying place. ^__^ ii tokoro da na~~

#4: aquarium GAO

next stop was a ginormous aquarium that had all sorts of sea creatures. highlights include jelly fish (exactly the same as the one zw drew!! bikkurishita!! i didn't even know they existed so you can imagine how shocked i was when i saw them), cute little penguins which never stopped moving, fat sea lions which looked amazingly like 1. those blown up long balloons, 2. gigantic sausages, but they were SO CUTE!! especially when they had to keep themselves upright and their heads above water to breathe, ahhh!! kawaii!!! XDD, the sabishii polar bear gato (? will check that later), disgusting slimey dunnowhattheyweres which i eventually brought myself to touch (SUPER GROSS!!!! EWWWWWW!!! not to mention i felt like peeing every time i touched it. D: the starfish and sea-urchin (ban-chan~♥) were nicer), and lastly, a boy who rejected taking a photo with me. Q_____Q *ouch*

#5: unosaki beach

man this is getting long. anyway. saigo to stoppu! unosaki beach desu! though to be honest, it wasn't much of a beach. more like rocks. and stones. which then lead to the sea. no sand. boo. but a few of the angmoh guys still went swimming. lol! it was very relaxing; there wasn't much we could do anyway so we just sat there, took some pictures, skipped some stones and picked some shells. the weather was really nice. the sun was super glaring but it was very cooling. おかしい ne?? ^__^ kimochii~~~

after that was a one hour long bus trip back to aiu. long day nya~ but very enjoyable. :)

classes + jodo class tomorrow. yes. that was not a typo. i dunno what it is too. but my friend says her sensei told her it's a mix between judo and kendo. (how do you mix those two??) so you basically wave around a bamboo stick trying to hit each other. sounds fun. X3 heh heh. otanoshimi ni!

current mood: tsukaremashita~

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Saturday, June 30th, 2007
11:05 pm - digital buggy crash night!!!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

saki hajimete jiro-chan no DBCN o kikimashita. namahousou desu yo! uwai!! ureshii~~ ^___________^ soshite, summer fm buggy crash night version.. ROFL!! totally made my day. ^__________^


current mood: high

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5:13 pm - shuumatsu
finally a day that i can 赖床 and don't have to wake up at 7.30am. well, to be honest, it's 8am, since i always can't drag myself out of bed until the very last minute, then i'll have to rush to get to the cafeteria before they stop serving breakfast. breakfast ends at 8.30 sharp and twice the cafeteria lady has warned me about getting there late. sumimasen!

so! woke up at 10am this morning. ^___^ had a nice lunch (where they short changed me of a tempura and some slimey vege), went for a walk around outside school with the intention to catch the ball meet but chanced upon a baseball semifinals instead! junior league i think. and they were superb! was floored by how great these boys were. i mean, they're only 10-13? but they can bat really far! sugoi desu yo! the majority of the supporters were mums who brought along their brollies and drink dispensers. lol. one of them served us tea! so nice right! i mean we were just sitting there and watching the game and she just came up to us and asked us whether we wanted some. even though the tea tasted like the one we got at the ko*ean restaurant; a bit burnt. heh heh. ii desu ne, nihon~~ my first ever baseball experience. :) saikou da!

p.s. dear youtube: thank you for the LiB concert tour videos. more please? I LOVE YOU!! ♥

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